Monday, September 19, 2011

An Introduction

Welcome to my mind. This is where I will spout off my thoughts and such. My posts will mostly concern personal opinions and reviews for things that I am interested in.

You might ask yourself, "Who gives a shit?" The simple answer would be, "No one in particular". The long answer is, "Anyone who is interested and intrigued by the opinions of others to further educate themselves in the pursuit of personal growth." I believe that getting opinions and information from real people can do amazing things for a person in the realm of individuality by allowing them to form their own opinions therefore promoting original thought.

I've created this blog to review movies, books, video games, and (occasionally) music because, most of the time, I cannot totally agree with professional critics or what other people have to say about such things.

**WARNING** This blog may contain posts of personal opinions. They may not always be politically correct, though never demeaning toward race or religion. They may not always be correct in any definition. That is why they are labled as **PERSONAL** opinions. Feel free to comment with your disagreements and rebuttals.

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